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Full Bundle
Qassim Al-ajbar

Full Bundle

Thank you

Match fit resources, including this injury prevention program, are excellent. We have used this program and others as my sons' prepare for the rigors of D1 college soccer. Highly recommend if you or your children are playing competitive soccer (football).

In-Season Training Programme
סמיון סוטורמין
Thoughts about the in season program

A very good workout plan it contains a lot of exercises that i didnt know how to add into training schedule.i just started the program but i went through all the exercises and i know that they gonna be very helpful.

Smart & super effective!

Speed sessions are well put together & are what you need for football . I like speed drill no 3 ( jump to head ) session no 3 in particular . Plyometrics are really good . All the drills are easy to understand aswell

Stamina Training Programme

Just what I was looking for

Good read and very useful information.

Full Bundle
Dhineshraj Ramachandram

The MESSI-N Method Programme (Full Bundle)

It works

I purchased this programme for my son. We're into 2nd week of training. The results are amazing. I started noticing results from 3rd day itself. Thank you for amazing training programme.

Speed Training Programme


The guid is really helpful and can guide you through diferents ways of eating well before, during and after game/training.
That's a good thing ! We are never too old to learn.
Thank you !

Stamina Training Programme

Stamina Training Programme
William Rimniceanu

Very well designed programme

I’m-season programme

Match fit

Really like the content. Im already challenging the players who are working hard and enjoying the setup. 👍👍👍

Speed Training Programme
Παναγιώτης Ζωγραφος

Speed Training Programme

The Football Fitness Bible (eBook)

In Season and Mentality

After following the in season program I feel more athletic, energetic and feel like a professional, even though I am still chasing this dream. The drills and exercises on what to do for training as a player is very effective and I saw instant improvements in my physical side of the game, considering it always used to be a weak point. The mentality exercises have also helped, and benefited me to taking a new approach on what to do in situations we may find ourselves in. I'd highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to become a pro player one day.


Thank you Matchfit! I am on day 12 and already feel my body progressing at a good rate! The program is great as it allows me to stay on track as well as disciplined. I am looking forward to finishing it and getting the results expected which I am sure I will get.
Thank you,
Sincerely Abraham

Injury Prevention & Rehab Training Programme

Speed Training Programme

Simple, direct and Great.

100% happy with this programm. Im using it on the offseason (+45 days), to stay in good condition at the beggining of my team preseason.
The progression is good and the differents combination of excersices keep in form not only the aerobic part, plus different muscle groups and movements. This is because the excersices works in different running and ball work angles and directions. Tianno from Argentina.

The football fitness bible

This is a highly recommended book. It includes every aspect of the physical conditioning, the principles and methodologies of training, as well as nutritional strategies to aid in reaching a high level of performance on the pitch, as well as recovering from matches and training sessions.