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Psychology & Mindset For Football Programme

God Damn!

It's probably one of the best ways to find your lost self. The mind is a very important thing. I learnt that is important to keep it real and hard like a rock. It's going to be a wonderful ride. You learn alot from this and it's simply the best. Thanks Matchfit Conditioning guys! Thank you. Really! 🙌🙏


Great exercises for agility

Pre-Season Programme


I still in the process of undergoing and applying the programme. I feel as if I’m making steady progress so hopefully I’ll continue in my journey in developing a stronger mindset for football.

Injury Prevention Programme

Great program, very specific and very detailed. Only recommendation would be that some of the demonstration videos are only showed from one angle so in some cases it’s difficult to see the form perfectly. But other than that top quality

Very good

I'm pleased with the programme. Really outlines everything for you, and gives you exact, specific and fast answers to whether you train too much, too little and how your nutrition is varying. The best, it only take like 5-10 mins a day. Recommended!

Easy to follow

Very good product with much more depth than I was expecting. Only thing I could think of is it could provide an example week for when you have 2 matches in a week, but I’m just being pedantic. It does give you tips on how to work around a busy schedule, e.g. when to rest/recover and not overtrain.

The Matchfit Method: Bronze Package

I love it

In-Season Programme


Alright,so it's been a few days since I have been using this program and it has had a great effect on me since.In the starting,I was really doubting my purchase,that whether I should spend the money in order to improve my psychological side of the game.But I have to say that it's 100% worth it...and my performance on the pitch has gradually increased....and I am more clear about my future goals and ambitions

Stamina program

i'm very happy with this program is amazing


I bought this program to make sure that I make my chances of getting injured again lesser than before. I got a hip injury which forced me to be sidelined for 6 months, and that encouraged me to buy the injury prevention program. After just a week of following this program, I feel stronger because of the various core excersices that this program has, and I also feel faster. I already recommended my friends and one of them already bought the speed program. The injury prevention program is what I exactly needed at this time. Thank you for sharing your work, and experience with players who are determined to become better!!

The Matchfit Method: Bronze Package
Great and cheap

For me this is the best package. It is cheap and perfect for everyone. It has the necessary things to work by yourself and improve. It makes you everyday better and better and improve in matches and trainings. Matchfit is the best page of soccer in the world

The Matchfit Method: Gold Package
Review of matchfit

Great structure and covers all area of your game. Feeling more confident already and can’t wait to get into the thick of it all soon!

Psychology & Mindset For Football Programme

Tracking system

Great product. It helps track your work and your nutrition in a practical way that is easy to understand. It also helped me be more strict with my nutrition and training and helped me always make sure Im doing well in those aspects.

The Matchfit Method: Gold Package
Matchfit Method

The programmed are great and easy to understand. They take complete care of everything and let you only focus on your football and technique development. Worth it for players looking to go to the next level

The Matchfit Method: Platinum Package

Has everything you need to improve and gives you the best chance to achieve what you want in football. Different programmes and versatility with exercises makes it even more interesting :)

The Matchfit Method: Gold Package
Matchfit Bundle

The Matchfit Method is really worth the price! It is great for any soccer player looking to improve their game in all areas!


I am currently in week 4 of the programme and have began this programme whilst my overall fitness was already very high but this programme still challenges me a lot and im seeing humongous results during matches.

The Matchfit Method: Gold Package
The Matchfit Method

This is just amazing. There's everything in it to become a better player day by day. When you really stick to the programmes that are in there, you will see improvements in your game in no time xD. It really helped me to get much stronger and my stamina improved so much that I can outrun everyone in my team for ease ;).

Thank you for improving my game day to day.


I was sick of feeling unconfident and losing focus in matches so i decided to invest in the matchfit psychology programme; Easily the best investment I have made and will be for anyone too.