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Player Reviews

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Matchfit mindset

Fantastic information and mentorship!!!!

Full Training Programme Bundle

In-Season Programme

In-Season Programme

Great Programm

Stamina Programme

I am in 14 dat and feel amazing

Top quality

This is been a game changer! I’ve really enjoyed utilising this and it’s made a massive difference to my game and fitness, definitely recommend

Excellent Programme

This is an absolute program that is so depth & has helped my son with his training.

perfect for any age group

can see the difference within a few days

hard work out - but can see improvements

dosent matter what age you are, what level of fitness you are at, you feel the difference after just a few days. perfect now for pre-season to get ready for the new season

Great program

Really great

Mindset For Football Programme

Amazing programme

This programme is so good in so many ways! The preseason programme has got me in the shape of my life. The mindset programme is making me more confident every day. I've had my confidence issues in the past but the messi-n programme has made me a different kind of player! Also the injury prevention program has really helped me get rid of some injuries I've had. Furthermore, I'm so relieved that my gym sessions are football related and boost my performance.If I'm honest, this is the best investment I've made in my career. I would really recommend it to everyone who wants to be a professional footballer!

Speed Programme


It’s a very good gets you thinking and aware about all the little things negative or positive that plays through your mind And you can change a lot if you apply them

Pre-Season Training Programme
Besong Tidiane Danny Bleck
Pre Season

It’s so amazing after 2 weeks only I have seen massive result in my speed agility and endurance. Definitely worth a try

Speed Programme

So easy to follow!

It only takes about 20-25min to get done after a team session and it doesn’t leave you almost dying from tiredness but pushes you enough to make you feel you’ve gone the extra mile and that you can to it again after tomorrow’s team session! Thank you very much James and Matchfit.

Pre-Season Programme

Great activities

I will recommend this program to my fellow coaches.

Speed Programme

Great cardio

Honestly the sessions are so tough but they don’t take too long but are very intense. Only on week 2 and feel fitter already! Great program!!


Great job

Excellent content very well designed