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Great book

My 12 year old son read it in 5 days, and English is his second language. He is delighted with the book, and he already changed his diet.



In depth guidance and very helpful

In depth guidance and very helpful and insightful and helping me taylor my training.

Amazing content!

I not even finished with the book, but I need to give this a review. Because, what a masterpiece. No bullshit science, but simple and easy reading guidebook for footballplayers and even generel athletes! 5-stars without doubt. Made my football life easier.

Great book for serious players and coaches

Great read

Stamina Training Programme

Stamina Training Programme

Full Bundle
Kyel Reid

Amazing work really appreciated

Stamina training

Great,easy to use and the boys loved it

Speed Training Programme

Perfekt Training

I’m more than satisfied with the trainings sessions I bought 🤙🏽

Stamina Training Programme

Solid program

My son likes it and we see results . I would like if its 2 months vs 1 month schedule with more sessions otherwise excellent

Pre-Season Training Programme
Hristijan Petrushevski

Pre-Season Training Programme

Stamina Training Programme

Stamina Training Programme

The Football Fitness Bible (eBook)

Stamina program

Hey just have finished the 4 week stamina program with my 8yr kid who has never done any real training regimate before we scaled it back a bit for him so only 20m runs instead of 30m and started 1 less set then what the program had each week for the multi sprint part but the other part stayed the same. the last week of the program he really worked hard and missed the very last session. He really improved his running and fitness. He beat all his test times by over 1 second and the t shaped test by 3 seconds and put 30cm on his bound. It might be 50/50 just beginners gain or to the program, regardless its still amazing. Which is great it improved his confidence at soccer and he is looking to doing the speed program.

Football Fitness Bible

Great work!
The book is for my 14 year old son. He enjoys the content very much.

Workshop 5: Matchday Mindset Strategies & Implementation
Radvilas Bliukis
Loved it

I must say that it was an amazing experience. The workshop was incredibly insightful and provided me with a wealth of information on how to improve my mindset for match day. The tools and strategies that were shared were practical and easy to implement, and I can already see a positive impact on my performance. The workshop facilitator was knowledgeable and engaging, and I felt motivated and inspired throughout the session.

Custom Meal Plan
Jonas Christensen

I've tried some different meal plans the last few years, but this is by far the best one I've come across. There is loads of easy to follow recipes, a great overview of what to eat and when to eat it, loads of variety in the recipes so you won't get bored by eating the same meals over and over again. The meal plan has really helped me take my game to the next level so I would definitely recommend it!

Custom Meal Plan Alattar
Easy, Nutritious and Tasty.

I really loved the recipes. They are not just easy to follow, but they are also very nutritious and delicious. I personally tried some recipes, and they were really good.


This is great. Fully loaded with all the information required to perform at your best. Highly recommended!

football fitness bible

Brilliant book,I started using it straight away

Custom Meal Plan
James Kosky
Amazing meal plan 🙌

I’ve had this meal plan for a few months now and it doesn’t disappoint 💪🏻. It has helped me reach my goals for training and every meal has been tasty and they all have easy to read instructions to make yourself. I couldn’t recommend more 🙌