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I would like to say that besides all of the benefits of the Matchfit Conditioning program, it has allowed me to prepare better for not just the day ahead, but weeks in advance, being given a full schedule and platform to work off of from day to day. This has given me a better look into managing my work load, especially during season.


Quality videos packed with wisdom and practical tips.

Nutrition Academy

Very good insight to particular questions that many people will not go into depth about! I really like the answers and feedback on common and uncommon questions that are talked about.

Excellent Product

Lots of amazing videos. Very practical, easy to follow and easy to implement into my training.

Absolutely amazing!!

If you have an injury and don't know exactly what to do, this book is amazing.
It gives you a clear guidance of how to treat any injury and come back on the pitch sooner and stronger.

Solid program

Loved it


Very good programme that really shows how to train smarter, already noticed that I’m getting fitter and that’s awesome

Pre-Season Programme

Miliam Guerrib

Greate stuff! Very helpful👍🏻

Dominik Glogowski

An amazing source of knowledge in every aspect of football . MESSI-N Pro Football
Formula is based on an academic knowledge and practical experience. This is the best way to expand your knowledge and become a better coach or a player.
l would recommend 100% is money worth
Thank you Guys for amazing work and great stuff .

Stamina Programme (4 Weeks)

5 star

5 star

Speed Programme (4 Weeks)

Very helpful and extremely detailed. Could use examples maybe of pros diets etc ? e.g. “Ronaldo eats ... this has the effect of...”

Sangat Bermanfaat

Setelah saya membaca bagian penting dari ulasan ini saya sangat tertarik untuk mendapatkan materi tersebut....

Translation: I found this information important and very interesting

Football Nutrition Academy

Great online course. New and interesting stuff. Easy to learn and use.

Football Nutrition Academy

Great videos. Lots of new and interesting stuff. Easy to learn.

Enjoy the constant feedback and chalk it up to compassion shown and enforcing independent accountability

So much great information to get working on

Great product and really good customer relations. An all in one package to take you to the next level.

Great material


I love how you explain how each individual can build their own weekly schedule and how organised the programme is!! Really loved it

Great program

Amazing, easy to follow program that is perfect if you want to take your football specific stamina to another level. The workouts are super exhausting but the benefits are insane

Injury Prevention Programme

Pre-Season Programme

Speed Programme (4 Weeks)