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Pre-Season Programme

£39.99 GBP

(10-Weeks, Off-Season)

Did you know that the incidence of injury in football is at it’s highest at the beginning of a new season?

Our unique 10 week pre-season programme takes care of all of your crucial strength & conditioning work during the off-season and in the lead up to the new season (alongside your team sessions), to produce gains in athleticism which simply aren’t possible during the season and build the foundations required to fuel your greatest season yet.

We guide you all the way through from day 1 to day 70 of your off-season/ pre-season schedule, removing the headache which would be involved in trying to guess and figure out an effective schedule yourself, and giving you the peace of mind knowing that by simply following this programme you will return to team training more knowledgable and in better physical and mental shape than any of your team mates, feeling stronger, fitter and fresher than you ever have before. 

Every element of this programme comes complete with video demonstrations, science-backed explanations and layout illustrations accessible straight on your mobile device, this makes adhering to the programme super-easy as you can access it on-the-go at the gym or when you’re training down at the pitch.

It also serves to keep you motivated as you’ll know exactly what you’re getting out of each session.

Your gym and pitch work are completely taken care of, with rest time being carefully allocated throughout the programme to enable your body to adapt, improve and avoid over-training. Ball work is also included in pitch sessions to test your technical skill under pressure.

You’ll cover the following areas:

  • Strength endurance
  • Muscular hypertrophy (muscle gain)
  • Max strength
  • Strength speed (explosiveness)
  • Fitness testing
  • Fast footwork
  • Movement mechanics
  • Speed (gym and pitch based)
  • Stamina (gym and pitch based)
  • Mobility & flexibility
  • Dynamic stretching
  • How to effectively warm up for pitch training

The training volume undulates throughout the 10 weeks to keep your body guessing and allow for recovery. 

By combining all of the elements above you’ll experience huge progressions in your:

  • Physical presence
  • Top speed
  • Reactions & quickness off the mark
  • Strength in the tackle
  • Ability to repeatedly perform high intensity movements
  • Footwork quickness, coordination and balance in tight areas
  • Agility
  • Capacity to maintain a vigorous work-rate
  • Ability to recover quickly
  • Ability to absorb excessive force and change your body position in a split second (increasing injury resilience)
  • Self-image and level of confidence

Comes with our 60 day guarantee :) View it HERE

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Here's how your season could look:

Customer Reviews

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Pre-Season Programme


Pre-Season Programme


Pre-Season Programme

Pre season program

After just 2 weeks I feel faster stronger and more fit. Thanks!

You are the bests

Im very happy with your programme
Thanks very much

Ottimo Prodotto

Sono un preparatore atletico, trovo questo prodotto molto interessante per far lavorare i giocatori in pre season, sto testando i lavori di stamina con i GPS per vedere i risultati.

Best program ever!

Thank you so match guys it helped me a lot, alret in week 6 and im gonna do the testing at the end of the week and im sure there is gonna be improvement!


Pre-Season Programme

World’s best pre season book

I hesitated to spend the money on this product, but there was nothing in the library, on amazon, or in stores that compares to the quality of this pre season program. Truly top class.


Quality stuff. Easy to follow, already seeing loads of improvements