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Stamina Training Programme

£19.99 GBP

4 Week Programme

Are you tired of being tired?

Do you want to be able to play for longer and harder in matches? Do you want to have more energy during training sessions? Are your legs feeling heavy after games or training even though you’re fit enough to run all day long? If so, then this is the programme for you.

This Stamina Programme is 4 weeks long and is designed for players aged 16+ to follow by themselves. The sessions take no longer than 30 minutes to complete and you can get set up and started within just a couple of minutes!

This programme has been tried and tested on thousands of players over the last 5 years and delivers insane results time and time again. By following this programme you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that you're following something which:

  • Develops all 3 energy systems in a 100% football specific way

  • Will increase your lactate threshold

  • Boosts VO2 max

  • And even enhances your resilience to injury! (....Plus much more!)

These football specific sessions are built around scientific principles which apply to all levels, which means whether your currently a pro or if you're an aspiring future pro...these sessions WILL help you.

Inside we show you how to mould the sessions around your schedule in such a way that they don’t lead to overtraining, and you can track everything. This means that not only do you get results...but you also keep them!

Just take a look at some of our player feedback below...

The best part? Say goodbye to long boring runs!

Not only will you feel fitter physically, your level of self-confidence knowing you can out-run any of your opponents will rise dramatically.

As a footballer, your stamina is one of the most critical areas of your game. Especially if you expect to join a top flight club. However it's also the area we see most players get consistently wrong...

That won't be you.

Instead, you'll have a proven football specific stamina programme to follow that can be built around your existing training. 

Ready to get started? All you need is a set of 20 markers and 2 balls (actually you could still complete this without ANY equipment, but for the best results and experience we recommend this equipment as the bare minimum. If you've got poles you can use too then great!)

Please note: This is a digital training programme, containing training videos, which is delivered instantly to your email inbox when you complete your purchase. Simply download and start training today. Please note that we do not ship you a physical product.

For players aged 14+


Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Tianno Ze
Simple, direct and Great.

100% happy with this programm. Im using it on the offseason (+45 days), to stay in good condition at the beggining of my team preseason.
The progression is good and the differents combination of excersices keep in form not only the aerobic part, plus different muscle groups and movements. This is because the excersices works in different running and ball work angles and directions. Tianno from Argentina.

Denis Giosu

Stamina Programme

A Singh
hard work out - but can see improvements

dosent matter what age you are, what level of fitness you are at, you feel the difference after just a few days. perfect now for pre-season to get ready for the new season

Ari Johannesen
So easy to follow!

It only takes about 20-25min to get done after a team session and it doesn’t leave you almost dying from tiredness but pushes you enough to make you feel you’ve gone the extra mile and that you can to it again after tomorrow’s team session! Thank you very much James and Matchfit.

Devon Honeywell
Great activities

I will recommend this program to my fellow coaches.

Jason Clooney
Great cardio

Honestly the sessions are so tough but they don’t take too long but are very intense. Only on week 2 and feel fitter already! Great program!!

Georgios Paschodimas
Grate program very useful!!!

Very good program for players and coaches.

Prakhar Agarwal


Alex Lyszyk

Stamina Programme (4 Weeks)

Adam Izvorsky

Stamina Programme (4 Weeks)