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Stamina Programme (4 Weeks)

£19.99 GBP

(4-Weeks, During The Season)

Football requires one of the highest levels of stamina in any sport. Having a high level of stamina is one of the most essential elements to any players game.

Understanding how to increase your stamina as a footballer is crucial, it will help you to: 

  • Return to match fitness quicker following an injury
  • Gain an edge over your opponents
  • Prepare your body for the season ahead

…but it’s an area we see players getting consistently wrong!

Our stamina programme enables you to boost your stamina during the season, in just 4 weeks and without risking over-training.

You’ll get a schedule to follow which can be built around your training, as well as  in-depth guidance about football specific stamina training – giving you the capacity to maintain your relentless work rate and energy in matches as your opponent’s strength begins to fade.

And the best part? No more long, boring runs!

With our time efficient, high intensity stamina workouts (which include the ball to test your technical skill under fatigue) you can expect to increase your VO2 max by as much as 20%, raise your lactate threshold (so that you can work at a higher intensity for longer without feeling tired) and elevate your cardiac output to supply your working muscles with the crucial oxygen that they need to keep performing.

Not only will you feel fitter physically, your level of self-confidence knowing you can out-run any of your opponents will rise dramatically.

+ Includes FREE fitness testing & monitoring workload guide!

Comes with our 60 day guarantee :) View it HERE

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Here's how your season could look:

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Stamina program

i'm very happy with this program is amazing


I am currently in week 4 of the programme and have began this programme whilst my overall fitness was already very high but this programme still challenges me a lot and im seeing humongous results during matches.


Amazing program love it

Good stamina program

Keep up the good work


Stamina Programme (4 Weeks)