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The exercises and the program are really well set

Well my season is going on so can't say yet..After season I'm gonna go for it

Pre Season

Looks great 👍

Pre-Season Programme

Loved it


I haven't finished the whole book yet, but I've finished 194 pages. Teach me so much about the body I can’t thank you enough! I would highly recommend anyone to buy this book and read it! It will definitely educate yourself about your body and how you should spend your life as a footballer! Take love! The book in particular helped me with my sleep! Now I understand how important sleep is as a part of recovery as I was getting injured so often! (Little injuries) .
This part fascinated me the most is “Training during Ramadan” which I didn’t expect anyone to talk about! Absolutely worthy of my money and my time‼️❤️👍

Speed & nutrition

Exellent , easy to understand, exellent price, I recommend to everyone 👍

The Football Fitness Bible Book (Digital Version)

Absolutely love it

Informational and refreshing.

The Football Fitness Bible Book


Great insight

The book has a lot of deep topics that I'm sure would be hard to find on the internet. Provided with the reference means that all the information are valid and reliable! There are so many valuable things to gain inside of it

The Football Fitness Bible Book (Digital Version)

The Football Fitness Bible Book (Digital Version)

Pre-season, big surprise

I was very positively surprised by the effects of training after the first weeks. The program has made me feel more confident on the pitch and now I can fully focus on the game. Moreover, I can immediately see progress in my speed, endurance and overall dynamics.

After doing the program I see things on a different perspective...I'm getting more confident and calm then before...

Mindset For Football Programme

The Football Fitness Bible Book

I am so looking forward to using the methods in this Bible when we can start training again. In all my years as a coach at different levels have I never read such an excellent and knowledgeable book. I only wish I had this information when I first started out. This book should be in every managers/coaches library regardless of what level they play at from Sunday league to the Professional Leagues. This book is a must. Thank you. Excellent.

In-season +. speed training

Any footballer out there who wants to take there game to the next level, then you definitely need these programs. I wish I had this program at an early age.

The best part is , you will start seeing results right away.
Worth every penny.

An excellent, easy to follow programme that is adaptable around my normal training and to the equipment I have available

Top. My body is improving and my strength for training too. Thanks guys. What a top professionals you guys are.

More than worth it! Whether you’re a player or coach you’ll find more than enough information. As a physiotherapist, a coach, and an aging player I thoroughly enjoyed the read. I feel it stresses many aspects to health and fitness that many young athletes overlook.

In-Season Programme

Love Matchfit

wanted to be a big footballer

The Football Fitness Bible Book (Digital Version)