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Speed Training Programme

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4 Week Programme

Do you wish that you could add that split second of EXTRA EXPLOSIVENESS to your game, so that you could run the show at a higher level?

Do people keep telling you that you're either "born with speed" or you're not, and if you're not as fast as other players there's NOTHING you can do about it?

Looking for a PROVEN way to prove these people wrong in the next 4 weeks? (There's so much more to being fast on the pitch than just being a quick runner).

With the Matchfit Speed Programme, you can do just that.

Boosting speed is all about training the neuromuscular system in the RIGHT way. That means that unlike other components of fitness, you can experience improvements in speed very quickly - if you train in a specific way.

Using our special SCIENCE-BACKED blend of gym and pitch based workouts, you can expect to feel lighter, quicker and more explosive within just a matter of days (YES!)

PLUS, you won't feel drained or risk over-training when you implement these sessions into your schedule - when we train for speed, you don't train until muscular fatigue (a mistake which players all over the world are making), because you're conditioning your nervous system, NOT your muscles.

You’ll need an average of just 30 minutes per day, 4 days per week for 4 weeks.

To complete this programme you'll need:

  • Access to a standard gym (exercises can be easily adapted depending on equipment available)
  • A ball and a set of 20 markers minimum
  • A pitch, park or field (sessions dimensions can be adapted to suit your facilities)
  • YOURSELF! This programme is designed to be followed completely by yourself and without help from a training partner, which means you're in complete control.
  • This programme is designed for players 16+ (can be adapted for players 12-15)
Speed is the #1 athletic quality which seperates top level players from lower level players, don't you owe it to your career to become as fast as you possibly can?

What’s Covered:

  • Speed of thought
  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration
  • Top speed
  • Jump height
  • Speed of footwork
  • Balance
  • Movement mechanics​
  • Multi-directional explosiveness​
  • Speed of limb movement​
  • Reaction times​
  • Lateral movement​
  • Weaving
  • Ball work is included in pitch drills where appropriate to challenge skill and technique at speed

After you complete your purchase you'll instantly receive an email with a link to download the PDF programme so you can start training with us from anywhere in the world today!


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A Singh
perfect for any age group

can see the difference within a few days

Alex Potecea

Speed Programme

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Speed Programme

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Speed Programme

Mark Tinsley

Really useful ideas enclosed in this speed guide

Ivar Merisalu

Speed Programme

Miha Golob

Speed Programme

Jason Clooney
Excellent program

Excellent program with detailed and effective workouts for speed

Johannes Schützinger

Speed programme

Omar Bjorn Hansson

Speed Programme