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What ages is your training for?

All of our eBook programmes are scalable and designed for players of all levels aged 14-40. Our Elite Programme is designed for players aged 12-23 aiming for pro academy, first team or international level.

Can players younger than 14 follow your eBook programmes?

The eBook programmes can be adapted for younger players with the support of a qualified instructor who can help safely tailor it to their abilities in-person. However the Bodyweight, Mindset, Nutrition, Injuries and Tracking programmes/guides can be followed by all ages.

Will I need a training partner?

No! All of our training is designed for an individual player to follow completely by themselves, without help from a partner or coach.

What is the Online Academy?

The Online Academy is a membership platform where you'll find a community where you can post questions and get a live response from our team. It also has additional video and audio lessons which you can learn from to maximise your training results.

This is completely seperate product from our training programmes.

We include a free 30 day trial to the Online Academy with every eBook training programme. Claiming your free trial is 100% optional and has to be done manually. You'll receive a seperate pdf file outlining instructions on how to claim your free 30 days to your email.

What are some of the more specific topics covered in your training?

The following plus tons more: reactions, change of direction, multi-directional explosiveness, movement mechanics, deceleration, acceleration, max speed, muscular endurance, muscular hypertrophy, power, max strength, flexibility, myofascial release, muscle activation, pre-match priming, speed repeatability, yoga, recovery, pre-match meals, half-time snacks, post-match meals, hydration, posture, anxiety, confidence, nerves, visualisation, self-talk and goal-setting.

Can I train with you if I don’t live in the UK?

Yes, all of our training is done online so you can train with us from anywhere in the world!

Can I start at any stage of the season?

Yes, the design of all of our training allows you to get started no matter what stage of the season you’re currently at.

Can I train with you alongside my team sessions?

Yes absolutely, all of our training is designed with this in mind.

Can I train with you if I’m coming back from injury?

All of our training is designed for players who are currently not injured only. You should complete your rehab with your physio and return to competitive play first. You will also find injury rehab guidelines for an array of football injuries within the injury prevention eBook programme.

Does your training include technical ball work?

We do add the ball in where appropriate when looking for an increased challenge for coordination, focus or ball control under fatigue, but our focus is always on physical and mental fitness development.

What equipment will I need? (eBook programmes)

The minimum requirement is that you have access to standard gym equipment (a TRX/ suspension trainer is also a bonus), a football, a field/football pitch and a set of 20 markers. That’s the minimum. You can use all of this equipment to improvise on any of our sessions which include agility poles, hurdles and ladders if you do not have access to those.

Our Elite programme completely tailors everything to the equipment you have available so that you can train from home too with the equipment that you have access to.

How are the eBook programmes delivered?

Immediately after placing your order, you will receive an email to your inbox with links to download the entire programme which is split into pdf files. You download these and view them on your laptop or mobile device and have access to them for life. The PDFs include the links to all exercise videos. These can be downloaded to be viewed offline using the vimeo app. You will also get a link where you can access your included live support.

How many workouts are there per week? (eBook programmes)

Workouts per week will range from 3-5 depending on which stage of the season you are at. We show you how to schedule them so that you still have a lot of recovery time and don’t risk over-training or fatigue. We also explain what to do if you have a particularly heavy team schedule.

During the season each workout is no longer than 45 minutes max, we have made it of paramount importance to make the workouts as time efficient as possible. The field-based sessions during the off-season can be up to 90 minutes (including set up time). The workouts will also vary in intensity, for example a 45 mobility or yoga workout vs a 30-minute stamina session.

The programme is geared towards ensuring peak performance during team training and matches 100% of the time. The programme will compliment your performance not hinder it.

For the Elite Programme, the training sessions are completely tailored around your schedule.

What if I’ve got questions?

If you have questions about your order you can email us anytime at If you have specific questions about your training then you can post these inside the Online Academy community for live support from our coaches. If you're on the Elite programme you will simply DM your coach from within the training app.

What if it’s too easy for me?

The programme is designed to challenge even the fittest players, all of the workouts can be easily scaled to be made more or less difficult. For more advanced exercises and routines you should apply for our Elite programme.

How long will it be until I see results?

It varies player to player, but psychological improvements can be almost instant. Generally, our players report the first signs of visible physical and psychological improvement within 3-4 weeks of beginning a programme.

The most significant and lasting results occur in those players who are committed to following their programme long term.

What is The Football Fitness Bible about?

The Football Fitness Bible book is not a training programme that you follow, it is advanced training and nutrition information which can be appled to any programme whether you train with Matchfit or elsewhere.

This is the science behind fitness training and nutrition for footballers. You can buy the eBook version from our website or the physical version from Amazon.