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Mindset For Football Transformation Programme

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Why is MINDSET training critical if you want to play top tier football?

As you know, I spent nine years at the Wycombe Wanderers FC, and I saw plenty of players come and go during that time.

Especially during trials, many players would sort of crumble under the pressure.

Imagine this...

You're playing well for your club.

Your team makes it to the regional cup final and - unknown to you - there are professional scouts looking for new talent.

You have a great game, you're winning headers and tackles...making decisive're completely in the zone and your performance inspires your team to a great win.

After the match, a stranger approaches you, congratulates you on your performance and hands you a letter...

You open the letter and it contains an invite for a trial with a huge professional club.

You're so excited, you feel like you've finally made it and you can't wait to tell everyone you know.

As the date for the trial approaches, you start to feel nervous and you begin doubting whether you're good enough to be selected.

Then you get to trial.

Your self doubt is at an all time high and it affects every part of your game.

You feel like a completely different player and by the time the trial ends, you leave dejected, knowing you failed to perform at the level you know you're capable of.

You know you've blown your chances of being signed, and the sad thing is, you blew your chances long before the trial began. Your psychology failed you.

Football is won and lost in the tiniest of details – the difference between average and world class is millimetres.

So many players are completely unaware of the psychological side of football, yet it’s the umbrella which covers every single aspect of the game.

Everything you do on and off the pitch starts inside your head...

Every run, pass, call, first touch, jump, shot and turn all arises as a result of how your mind perceives and processes the information around you in any situation.

You can be the most athletic, technically gifted player on the planet, but if you consistently make poor decisions in the moment and struggle psychologically to deal with pressure, you will never reach an elite level.

Just like you need train your muscles, it's vital you remember to train your brain... when opportunity comes knocking at your door, you're mentally prepared to handle the pressure and perform at your very best, so you stand out to the coaches as being a player they NEED to sign.

No longer do you have to struggle with crippling feelings of low confidence or a lack of belief.

Instead, you’ll learn how to use the power of your own mind to control your physical impact on the pitch.

We’ll assess and identify the gaps in your current mindset and show you how to use simple words and specific actions to bring feelings of positivity, courage and certainty flooding through your body.

This is designed to produce a lasting mindset transformation, so whenever your big chance arrives, you're mentally prepared to cope with the pressure and impress the coaches.

Ultimately, this particular module could make all the difference in securing you a contract with a major club.

You simply need to be open to trying new ideas...coupled with a dedication to implement these ideas into your every day habits and routine.

Here are the areas that will be addressed in this training plan:

  • Goal setting & perfectionism
  • Nerves, anxiety & motivation
  • Concentration, focus & inconsistency
  • Confidence & mental toughness
  • Visualisation, mental imagery & relaxation
  • Self-control & self-talk
  • Atittude & competitiveness

You really need to get this...

You need to understand that confidence is NOT something you lack... it's already inside you.

It's just sometimes your thought patterns can temporarily block your confidence.

Yes, some players are naturally more confident than others, but it is 100% possible to train yourself so even in high pressure situations, your self doubt remains locked away.

The thoughts going through your head will often get in the way of what your body has been trained to do.

This training will make sure you don't let your mind get in the way of your ability.

When you implement the proven mindset techniques contained inside this guide, you will feel different on the pitch... and it happens fast.

How you feel on the pitch directly impacts your physical performance and the actions you decide to take.

This is the final missing piece in your journey to playing for a top tier club.

Please note: This is a digital training programme, containing training videos, which is delivered instantly to your email inbox when you complete your purchase. Simply download and start training today. Please note that we do not ship you a physical product.

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Customer Reviews

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Carol Jackson
Matchfit mindset

Fantastic information and mentorship!!!!

Paulo Soares
Excellent Programme

This is an absolute program that is so depth & has helped my son with his training.

A Singh

Mindset For Football Programme

Javon Sample

It’s a very good gets you thinking and aware about all the little things negative or positive that plays through your mind And you can change a lot if you apply them

Spencer White

Absolutely love it

Gautam Rabha

After doing the program I see things on a different perspective...I'm getting more confident and calm then before...


Mindset For Football Programme

James Hinchliffe
Very helpful!

Incredibly helpful for those who have the desire to take this side of themselves the extra mile.

Joseph Mario Vella

Mindset For Football Programme

Becky Wilkins

Great videos