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I want to purchase a training programme, what happens after payment is made?

As soon as payment has been made, a link to download the ebook is sent to the email address which you provided at checkout, be sure to also check your junk folder.

I purchased an ebook and have not recieved my download link?

If there is a typo in the email address you entered when purchasing then the ebook cannot be delivered to you. Please let us know by email ( if you think this may be the case or you have not received your ebook. We can then correct your email address and get the download link sent out to you again.

Why do you need my shipping address if shipping is not required for my ebook purchase?

The shipping address field cannot be removed depending on whether you want to purchase a physical product such as a t-shirt or an electronic ebook download, this field must still be filled in to complete the checkout process. To protect against fraudulent purchases, filling out both the billing address and shipping address fields will help ensure that the purchase is being made by you. If for example the billing address is UK based but the shipping address is somewhere in Nigeria, this will flag up on our system and we will contact you to double check that it was in fact you who is making the purchase.

How long will it take for me to receive my ebook?

Delivery of the download link to your email address is instant after completing the checkout and payment process.

I'm clicking the download link but my ebook won't download?

In this instance, the first thing to check is your internet connection. If your connection is working fine, copy and paste the download link to a different browser on your device.

I purchased a programme and I am asked for a password to access the videos?

The password (if required) to access the videos included in your training programme is written in red writing towards the beginning of your guide. 


The download link for the training programme you have purchased will be emailed instantly to the email address you provided at checkout after payment has been completed.

Your shipping address is required during the checkout process purely for security reasons and to protect you. For example our system will be alerted if an orders billing address is in the UK but the shipping address is Nigeria for example.

There is no shipping fee or physical shipping required for digital products. All orders are fulfilled by email instantly.

Guarentee & Returns

We strongly believe and stand by the quality of our products, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the results you recieve from your product, we offer a 60 day risk free guarantee and will refund 100% of your money. The only condition is that you must have attempted the programme. Please understand that we cannot physically take back your ebook and you will still have access to it for life even if you contact us about a return.