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Injury Rehab Academy

£49.99 GBP

Do you believe you have the ability to be a professional footballer (or at the very least - playing at a higher level), but finding that injury set backs are destroying your progress?

Do you start building a fresh run of form, feel a niggle AGAIN, and then have to sit out and restart the whole recovery process?

You need to learn about the important phases of rehab for your specific injury so that you can:

  1. Overcome it once and for all
  2. Build a continuous run of form
  3. Stop missing out on huge opportunities when scouts are watching your team (and you're stuck on the sidelines)

This changes everything! 

In our football injury rehab academy, you get access to 4 detailed modules of step-by-step video rehab guidelines for every possible football related injury you can imagine, taught by our football injury rehab specialist Jarred.

Jarred has a BSc in Sports Rehabilitation, a MSc (Med) in Exercise Science and is a certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He currently works as the Lead Sports Scientist & Rehab Specialist for the South Africa Womens National Team and the Kaizer Chiefs Mens 1st XI.  

"Why does my groin start hurting every time I train?"

  • Discover the key boxes that MUST be ticked before having any chance of moving onto the final phase of groin strain rehab (and joining back in with your team).
"Every single season, out of nowhere, my hamstring tears. How can I put a stop to this once and for all?" 
  • Understand the critical 5 step process for returning from any hamstring injury (being pain-free won't even get you to step 2).

"I stretch all the time and I'm really flexible, howcome I still keep getting injured?"

  • Find out why muscle flexibility plays just a small part in bullet-proofing your body from injury. Good flexibility alone will not protect you.

Ultimately, our injury rehab academy will enable you to reduce recovery time and return to full fitness quicker - without having to guess the status of your injury, go through ANOTHER injury set back or miss more opportunities as a result of being stuck watching from the stands.

Here's just some of the injuries covered inside the academy:

  1. Stress Fractures
  2. Severs Disease
  3. Plantar Fascitis
  4. SLJ (Sinding Larson Johansson)
  5. Quad Strain
  6. Hamstring Strain
  7. Plica Syndrome
  8. ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament)
  9. PCL (Posterior Cruciate Ligament)

And many more...

Not only can our injury rehab academy help you return to match-play faster and healthier, it can also significantly decrease the likelihood of you picking up an injury in the first place - thanks to increased knowledge and awareness of the common causes of many avoidable football related injuries.

Suitable for players AND coaches of all ages.

If you avoid just ONE injury this season thanks to our injury rehab academy, your investment will have already paid for itself mutliple times over...

Includes 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Please Note: This is not meant to replace the need to initially see a physio for a diagnosis. It compliments the entire rehab process and the prevention of the initial injury and re-injury. This is a digital product delivered instantly to your email inbox after purchase, you'll receive a downloadable pdf with all guidelines and video access included.

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely amazing!!

If you have an injury and don't know exactly what to do, this book is amazing.
It gives you a clear guidance of how to treat any injury and come back on the pitch sooner and stronger.

Sangat Bermanfaat

Setelah saya membaca bagian penting dari ulasan ini saya sangat tertarik untuk mendapatkan materi tersebut....

Translation: I found this information important and very interesting