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Football Fitness Academy

£49.99 GBP

Do people keep telling you that becoming a top pro footballer is simply a case of “working harder” than every other player? This belief is fundamentally flawed (plus who decides what is “hard work” and what isn’t…?

Yes, you must be committed and consistently give your all - but that is not the defining factor which will enable you to reach the very top. After all, what happens if you’re “working harder than every other player” - but on the wrong thing!

It’s tough when you’re getting advice from every direction, it’s time to go back to basics. With our Football Fitness Academy, you only have to do two things. Watch our trusted, broken down and easily-to-follow football specific fitness training instructional videos, and then apply that proven science to your own training.

Inside the Matchfit Football Fitness Academy, you get access to 4 step-by-step video modules, packed with football strength and conditioning wisdom from our football fitness expert Yianni and Matchfit founder James.

Yianni has an MSc in Strength & Conditioning. He's an Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach from the UKSCA and a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist from the NSCA. He has experience in providing conditioning support in pro football at Leyton Orient FC and academy football at QPR.

James studied Sports Science at University before speciliasing in football specific strength and conditioning. He spent 9 years at English professional club Wycombe Wanderers and represented England Schoolboys before suffering a career ending injury at age 19 (labral tear and AFI).

4 years later, after creating and following the first edition of the MESSI-N Formula for 1 year, he was able to make a comeback captaining a team in the Australian NPL.

Inside, we teach you the science behind achieving the fitness levels of a top pro - so that you can dominate every time you step onto the pitch - without having to become a gym hermit or "out-work" everyone else. This is about training smart, not relentlessly running yourself into the ground every day.

"What should I do in the off-season to ensure I return to team training fitter than my team mates?"

  • Discover the crucial law of progression that you MUST adhere to, if you want bullet-proof your body against overuse injuries and start the season feeling fresher, fitter and more dynamic than everyone else (ever noticed your team mates picking up injuries in the first few months of the season? This is why).

"I heard James Milner was a champion cross country runner when he was younger, does that mean I should be doing cross country training to achieve his level of stamina?”

  • Understand that whilst the game is 90 minutes (+injury time) in duration, you can effectively boost your stamina for football with a session which lasts as little as 10-20 minutes…as long as you include some key components into your sessions (this strategy also gives you more time to recover).

"I’ve got a hill near me that I can use, will hill sprints make me faster and fitter than running on flat ground?”

  • Find out exactly when and how to incorporate hills into your training in a football specific way. Get this even slightly wrong and it will hinder your progress (did you know that running downhill can make you faster too?)

With the help of our football fitness academy, you can expect to:

  • Use your training time more efficiently
  • Get more “bang for your buck” out of every single session
  • Progress quicker, whilst having more time to recover
  • Remove all confusion from your football specific fitness training

And that’s just for a kick-off…

Here's a small insight into what’s covered inside the football fitness academy:

  1. How to reduce recovery time
  2. The most effective ways to speed up your footwork
  3. How to relieve hamstring tightness (so simple and effective, yet so unknown!)
  4. Pool-based stamina workouts
  5. Lowering your centre of gravity (for greater balance, power and stability)
  6. How to improve your heading power
  7. The best stretches for improving performance
  8. How to throw like Rory Delap
  9. An analysis of Ronaldo’s sprinting technique

And lots more...

Suitable for players AND coaches of all ages.

Save YEARS of gruelling study and spending hundreds (if not thousands) on hiring a football specific strength and conditioning expert (if you can find one) to get the same insights, by investing in your football fitness knowledge today.

Includes 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Please Note: This is a digital product delivered instantly to your email inbox after purchase, you'll receive a downloadable pdf with all guidelines and video access included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Unexpected but effective format

When I first downloaded the Football Fitness Academy I had, for some reason, thought that it would come formatted as a book. I was, however, pleasantly surprised to find that it came in the form of videos. It means that you can gain far more knowledge and inside into whichever topic you are looking into than could be provided in a book. Only suggestion is that an accompanying handbook with all of the basic information that is covered in the videos could also be provided. All in all, I would definitely recommend to others.


Quality videos packed with wisdom and practical tips.

Excellent Product

Lots of amazing videos. Very practical, easy to follow and easy to implement into my training.