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Fat Burn & Bodyweight Programme

£19.99 GBP

(4-Weeks, During The Season)

Is excess body fat causing you to be second to the ball and unable to challenge in the air more often than you’d like? Even becoming 1% leaner can greatly improve your athleticism on the pitch.

This 4-week, repeatable programme is completed using only your bodyweight and is devoted to decreasing your bodyfat % whilst boosting your game through improved: strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility and balance.

All workouts are bodyweight, no equipment or gym required!

You’ll start to look leaner whilst feeling lighter, more dynamic and full of energy – helping you to glide around the pitch with ease and explosively change direction and body position in a split second under control.

The high intensity, 30-minute workouts combine calisthenics and plyometrics unlocking an array of performance boosting adaptations, whilst sparring enough time for recovery – helping you to burn fat and increase your general performance capacity whilst remaining fresh to shine in team sessions and matches.

New! Now includes football specific yoga workouts.

Video demonstrations outline the optimal form for each exercise, where core stability and the ability to perform repeated explosive movements under control is continuously challenged – building the industrious discipline required to be successful on the pitch, to keep pushing when the voices in your head start questioning why you are not giving up…

You’ll find yourself mimicking a variety of functional body positions under pressure, whilst building the core strength and mobility required to help protect you from common non-contact football injuries. 

What to expect:

  • To decrease your bodyfat %
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Increase energy levels
  • Feel lighter, more explosive and more mobile
  • Increase muscle definition
  • Improve agility, full body strength, balance and coordination
  • Boost injury resilience

Thanks to the epoc boosting (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) design of this programme, you’ll still be burning calories at an increased rate up to 24 hours after each workout - backed by science and explained simply.

Comes with our 60 day guarantee :) View it HERE

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Here's how your season could look:

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

Best program I have ever used.


Fat Burn & Bodyweight Conditioning Programme (4 Weeks)


great stuff!


I wasn’t sure how this program would help me but this was the perfect program to kick start my fitness again

Fat burn & bodyweight conditioning

Added this to extra walking/running. Halfway through the second week and I've nearly lost 2% bodyfat without changing my diet.