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The Matchfit Inner Circle™

You probably already know that we have a huge social media presence online.

Our public Facebook page has over 15,000 members...

...and our Instagram account has over 144,000 followers.

Matchfit Conditioning isn't just some cold, faceless corporation, we're a MOVEMENT.

Thousands of footballers all over the world believe in us and subscribe to our philosophy.

What you probably don’t know is...

We also have a private group, only for serious, committed footballers who train as true professionals.

It's called the Matchfit Inner Circle.

This private group is where you can:

  • Chat with your peers... and get motivation on those days when you feel down (we all experience days like this)
  • Learn from each other’s experiences... and offer advice to other members when you've already achieved something they are struggling with
  • Get help and support... from our team of highly qualified sports scientists and our nutrition and rehabilitation experts
  • Ask questions about any part of your training you might be struggling with... or advice on how to achieve a specific training goal
  • Gain direct access to ask ME (James) any questions you want answered… yes, I spend a LOT of time offering personal advice to my private community on a daily basis
  • You can even upload videos of yourself performing exercises to get valuable feedback on your form... so you can be certain you're doing everything right

But...the ONLY players who get access to our private inner circle... are Matchfit Method students.

There's NO OTHER WAY to gain access to our private inner circle...

Enrol in the Matchfit Method today and you will gain instant access to this closed door Facebook community.

It's filled with other elite players like you... who have already started their Matchfit journey.

Access to this elite private community is pessimistically worth £1000.00+ every year.

It would cost you a lot more than that to gain direct access to just ONE football science expert, and your time with them would be severely restricted.

Click HERE to enrol as a Matchfit Method student.