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Full eBook Training Programme Bundle Frequently Asked Questions

1. What equipment will I need?

To complete the entire programme, the minimum requirement is that you have access to standard gym equipment (a TRX/ suspension trainer is also a bonus), a football, a field/football pitch and a set of 20 markers. That’s the minimum. You can use all of this equipment to improvise on any of our sessions which include agility poles, hurdles and ladders if you do not have access to those. 

2. What age and level is the programme designed for?

The programme is designed for players aged 16+. However it can be adapted for players 12-15 with the help of our coaches inside the private forum of the Matchfit Squad. 

3. Do I need a partner?

The programme is designed for an individual player to follow completely by themselves, without help from a partner or coach. 

4. What’s covered in the programme?

The full programme covers absolutely everything you’ll need in order to achieve peak physical and mental condition for football.

This includes: fitness testing, speed, stamina, nutrition, injury prevention, psychology, suppleness and all elements of strength training. We’ve included separate plans to follow during the in season and in the off/pre season, which incorporates all of these elements of training combined into one plan.

Everything you need in terms of fitness training for the entire season, year after year is 100% catered for. 

5. What are some of the more specific topics covered in the programme? 

The following plus tons more: reactions, change of direction, multi-directional explosiveness, movement mechanics, deceleration, acceleration, max speed, muscular endurance, muscular hypertrophy, power, max strength, flexibility, myofascial release, muscle activation, pre-match priming, speed repeatability, yoga, recovery, pre-match meals, half-time snacks, post-match meals, hydration, posture, anxiety, confidence, nerves, visualisation, self-talk and goal-setting. 

6. How will I receive the programme?

Immediately after placing your order, you will receive an email to your inbox with links to download the entire programme. The programme is in PDF format, includes hundreds of videos and can be downloaded to your desktop, tablet or mobile device. 

7. Do you ship me a physical book?

No, the programme is digital and is in pdf format. 

8. Can I get the programme if I don’t live in the UK?

Yes, you can purchase and start training from anywhere in the world! The programme download links are sent instantly to your email inbox after purchase. 

9. How will I know where to start?

As part of the programme you will find a welcome pdf which explains exactly how to get started. 

10. Can I start at any stage of the season?

Yes, the design of our programme allows you to get started no matter what stage of the season you’re currently at. Again, this is explained in the welcome pdf which you will receive. 

11. How many workouts are there per week?

Workouts per week will range from 3-5 depending on which stage of the season you are at. We show you how to schedule them so that you still have a lot of recovery time and don’t risk over-training or fatigue. We also explain what to do if you have a particularly heavy team schedule. 

During the season each workout is no longer than 45 minutes max, we have made it of paramount importance to make the workouts as time efficient as possible. The field-based sessions during the off-season can be up to 90 minutes (including set up time). The workouts will also vary in intensity, for example a 45 mobility or yoga workout vs a 30-minute stamina session. 

The programme is geared towards ensuring peak performance during team training and matches 100% of the time. The programme will compliment your performance not hinder it.  

12. Can I incorporate my own equipment into the programme?

We suggest that you follow the programme exactly as is outlined, but if you need to make adjustments we recommend asking the coaches inside the Matchfit Squad for guidance. 

13. Will I get future updates for free?

Yes, we make regular updates and additions to the programme, you will automatically receive these 100% free to your email inbox when the update is ready. 

14. What if I’ve got questions?

If you have questions about your order you can email us anytime at If you have specific questions about injury, nutrition, fitness or mindset then you can ask our coaches anytime inside the Matchfit Squad groups. 

15. How can I be sure this will work for me?

The entire programme is built upon scientific principles of training, any issues with your results can easily be analysed and easily resolved with the dedicated help of our coaching team. This programme has been tried and tested on tens of thousands of players and is designed to be adapted around your schedule.

16. Can I do this alongside my team sessions?

Yes absolutely, the programme has been designed with this in mind. 

17. How can I track my progress?

The full programme includes a complete guide to fitness testing and monitoring your workload (also included with the individual programmes) and a digital tracking system. We show you which fitness tests you need to do and how to track your progress in each area of fitness. Printouts and the digital tracking system enable you to track your psychological state, energy and physical workload are also included, so that you can prevent over-training, identify when you’re at increased risk of injury and visually see how your body’s work capacity is improving over time.

18. Can I do this with a friend?

A purchase only licences the programme to be used by one player, and support for each purchase only includes one player. 

19. What if it’s too easy for me?

The programme is designed to challenge even the fittest players, all of the workouts can be easily scaled to be made more or less difficult. 

20. How long will it be until I see results?

It varies player to player, but psychological improvements can be almost instant. Generally, our players report the first signs of visible physical and psychological improvement within 3-4 weeks of beginning the programme.

The most significant and lasting results occur in those players who are committed to following the programme as it is described long term.

View this programme as an investment rather than a cost. Long term it has the ability to pay you back thousands of times over in many areas of your life (not just football related or financially), and will also help you steer clear of physio related costs. 

21. Can I follow the programme if I’m coming back from injury?

The programme is designed for players who are currently not injured only. You should complete your rehab with your physio and return to competitive play first. You can get injury rehab help inside the Matchfit Squad.

22. Does the programme include technical ball work?

We do add the ball in where appropriate when looking for an increased challenge for coordination, focus or ball control under fatigue. 

23. Can goalkeepers use this programme?

The entire programme has been designed for outfield players. Goalkeepers can still greatly benefit, but it is in no way the most efficient or specific way of training for a goalkeeper. With that said, the elements of the programme which can be easily adapted to goalkeepers and are still for the most part very beneficial to goalkeeping performance are: Nutrition, psychology, fat burn & bodyweight conditioning and speed. We advise that goalkeepers join the Matchfit Elite programme for a fully customised plan.

24. How much content is in the programme?

Please remember that you are paying for a transformation in your mind and body first and foremost, not information. We have made the programme as succinct and easy to follow as possible. It is a combined total of 213 pages including over 350 videos. 

25. What's the difference between the eBook training programme bundle, the Matchfit Elite programme, the Football Fitness Bible Book and the Matchfit Squad?

The full eBook training programme bundle gives players all gym and pitch workouts and exercises to follow day by day for 365 days. These are pre-made programmes. It includes videos demonstrating every single workout and also includes nutrition guidance and a mindset transformation schedule.

The Matchfit Elite programme is a fully customised 1-1 training package. You'll work online directly with the Matchfit coaches and have a training and nutrition plan designed specifically for you following a detailed player analysis and induction. You'll then check in with your coach on a daily basis via our specialist training app.

The Football Fitness Bible book is not a training programme that you follow, it is advanced training and nutrition advice to apply to your programme whether you are a player or a coach. You can buy the eBook version from our website or the physical version from Amazon.

The Matchfit Squad is our general training guidance and support area, including a forum and hundreds of informative coaching videos not included in the training programmes. You can join the Matchfit Squad whether you are following our programme or not and it is open to players, parents and coaches.