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Forum Guide

Community Guide

log in

In order to post your comments and questions you must first log in. To do this, click on the words 'log in' towards the top right of the screen. A pop up box will appear which will allow you to log in in a variety of ways including using: Facebook, Twitter, Google + or email.

Once logged in, you can change your username, picture and email address by clicking on the drop down arrow next to your username.

my feed

This tab displays all of the topics that you have either commented on or started yourself, and includes the comments which other players have made on the same topics.

all posts

This tab displays a feed of every post on the forum, with the topic that has most recently been started or commented on at the top.


If you are looking for posts on something specific such as 'strength', you can type strength into the search bar and every post which contains the word 'strength' will be displayed (with the most recent post being displayed at the top).


On the right hand side you will see a list of channels including: Fitness, Nutrition, Psychology, Injury, Other and Your Team Info.

In the 'Your Team info' Channel, please comment on the post 'GIVE THE NAME OF YOUR TEAM, LEAGUE, COUNTRY AND YOUR POSITION' using your information. This allows players to gain an insight into the other players which are using the forum.

The 'Fitness' channel includes all posts related to fitness training for football.

The 'Nutrition' channel includes all posts related to nutrition for football.

The 'Psychology' channel includes all posts related to sports psychology e.g. confidence.

The 'Injury' channel includes all posts relating to injuries sustained through football.

In the 'Videos/photos' channel you are able to upload photo's (a photo of a pre-match meal for example) and post links to your training videos (a link to a video on your instagram for example).

Ask a question or start a new topic

You will see this displayed at the top of all pages. Before asking a new question for others to comment on, please make sure that you are posting it in the correct channel in order to keep the posts organised.

Within your comment or question you can also upload an image by clicking on the small camera icon in the bottom right corner.