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Below we have provided a sample of test results from 6 players who are currently following our programme, to give you an average idea of what kind of results to expect just 10 weeks into our programme.

All players tested at the start of their programme and then have re-tested 10 weeks into their programme. As the players have tested themselves the measurements are likely to not be 100% accurate, however they give a good indication of each players progress. The most relevant column to study is the % improvement column.

These simple tests measure progress in a variety of fitness components, which add up to make a significant improvement in your level of overall athleticism.

Imagine what type of player you would be in only 10 weeks if you were:

  • 35% more powerful
  • 58% stronger in your upper body endurance
  • 31% faster over 10m
  • 13% quicker at turning
  • 22% quicker over 30m
  • 120% stronger in your lower body's max strength
  • and 37% stronger in your core?

That would see you making some serious developments in not only your impact on the pitch but also your mindset...and you'd only be part way into the programme.

For data protection reasons we cannot display the players names. 

We have provided a visual representation of player 1's progress data below.

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