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Football Nutrition Guide

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(All Season)

When your body is provided with the nutrients it needs, you can recover, adapt and grow at an elevated rate whilst reducing the overall strain put on your body.

As an athlete, optimal health is crucial. Good nutrition unlocks peak health…and the great news is that with flawless health comes optimal performance.

By consistently implementing our football specific nutritional advice, you can expect to be able to:

  • Increase stamina
  • Enhance explosiveness
  • Concentrate and focus with more clarity
  • Decrease body fat %
  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Feel abundant with energy
  • Sleep better
  • Be more resilient to illness

You’ll learn how to eat differently depending on if you’re training or not.

You’ll get guidelines integral to:

  • Optimal hydration
  • Pre-match meals
  • Pre-match snacks
  • Half-time snacks
  • Post-match snacks
  • Post-match meals
  • Matchday eating schedules
  • Optimal recovery methods
  • Sports supplements which aid football

We teach you how to eat like a top pro - so that you can fuel your body to perform at a world class level - without having to spend hundreds of ££ each week, banish the foods you love or pain-stakingly prep and record each gram of food which enters your mouth.

"After matches my joints always feel stiff and sore, what can I do to help this?"

  • Discover the critical foods to avoid to have any chance of ridding your body of painful inflammation, so you can train to your full potential 100% of the time (it all starts with revamping the health of your gut).

"I see Jamie Vardy drinking a Red Bull before every match, should I be doing the same?"

  • Understand the key ingredients which create the “high” gained from an energy drink, and spend a fraction of the price on a better alternative - which also avoids the negative after-effects (don’t be a slave to clever marketing).

"What foods can I eat which will help to repair my injury? 

  • Find out why your body becomes de-sensitised to protein intake when you’re injured (almost nobody knows this) and how to conquer this recovery-hindering problem. This solution combined with a clever method for reducing inflammation levels will get you back on the pitch quicker.

With the help of our football nutrition guide, you can expect to:

  • Experience higher energy levels
  • Recover from training and matches quicker (so you feel fresher before the rest of your team mates)
  • Have greater clarity and focus (so you can excel in key moments of high pressure)
  • Avoid injuries caused by overuse

To name just a handful of the hundreds of insights which will take your game to a completely new level.

Here's just some of what’s covered inside the football nutrition guide:

  1. Best foods for aiding the recovery process
  2. The typical breakfast of a Premier League Footballer
  3. What to eat the night before your matches
  4. The best and worst post-match food choices
  5. How to overcome stomach issues caused by coffee and protein powder
  6. How to combat a drop in energy during a match
  7. How to gain lean muscle whilst decreasing body fat
  8. The key foods you must eat to aid the repair of a soft tissue injury
  9. Why you're feeling sluggish at kick off and how to flip-reverse it

And lots more...

Suitable for players AND coaches of all ages.

Save YEARS of gruelling study and spending hundreds (if not thousands) on hiring a nutrition coach to get the same insights (if you’re lucky), by investing in your football nutrition knowledge today.

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