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Speed Training Programme

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4 Week Programme

Kylian Mbappe. Gareth Bale, Adama Traore...

Can you guess what all 3 players have in common?

They’re among the FASTEST professional footballers in the modern era.

While there is without a doubt a genetic component to speed, what often goes unspoken is the fact that any footballer can indeed increase THEIR own speed.

Sure, you may not end up on a list of the fastest footballers on the planet, but you can certainly work to become faster than you were last month.

The Matchfit SPEED Programme does just that.

People often mistakenly say things such as “You’re either born with speed or you’re not…and if you’re not as fast as other players, there is absolutely NOTHING you can do about it.”

The good news is that line of thinking is completely incorrect, and in the Matchfit Speed Programme, I show you with scientifically backed evidence exactly why that's the case.

I'll will help you understand the TRUE foundations of building speed for football and comes with EVERYTHING you need to GET FASTER on the pitch, broken down into easy-to-read guidelines and detailed training videos.

Boosting speed is all about training the neuromuscular system in the RIGHT way.

That means that unlike other components of fitness, you can experience improvements in speed very quickly - if you train in the specific way I outline in the programme.

Using a unique science-backed blend of gym and on-pitch workouts, you can expect to feel lighter, quicker, and more explosive in just a matter of days (yes you read that right.)

In the Matchfit Speed Programme you’ll learn:

  • How to increase the size of your fast-twitch muscle fibers
  • The 3 things MORE important than top speed in football
  • How focusing on the conditioning of your nervous system can lead to speed gains
  • The 6 different types of movements which require speed (and that you will train in the programme)
  • And much much more

Additionally, all the workouts can be done ALONGSIDE your team training sessions using standard equipment found in most gyms and training facilities.

To complete the programme, here’s what you’ll need access to:

  • Access to a standard gym as the exercises can be easily adapted depending on the equipment you have available
  • A ball and a set of 20 markers minimum
  • A pitch, park, or field (session dimensions can be adapted to suit your facilities)
  • YOURSELF! This programme is designed to be followed completely by yourself and without help from a training partner, which means you’re in complete control
  • Designed for players aged 16+ (but can be adapted for players 12-15 using shorter distances)

Speed is the #1 athletic quality that separates top-level players from lower-level players, don’t you owe it to your career to become as fast as you possibly can?

After you complete your purchase you'll instantly receive an email with a link to download the PDF programme so you can start training with us from anywhere in the world today!

For players aged 14+

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Mark Atkinson

Speed Training Programme

A Singh
perfect for any age group

can see the difference within a few days

Alex Potecea

Speed Programme

maikel stokkel

Speed Programme

Derek Hannigan

Speed Programme

Mark Tinsley

Really useful ideas enclosed in this speed guide

Ivar Merisalu

Speed Programme

Miha Golob

Speed Programme

Jason Clooney
Excellent program

Excellent program with detailed and effective workouts for speed

Johannes Schützinger

Speed programme