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Pre-Season Training Programme

£39.99 GBP

10 Week Programme

Do the words "PRE-SEASON" strike fear into your heart and create panic as you stress about being fit enough to avoid being embarrasingly off-the-pace once the season starts?

Looking for a simple, day by day plan that you can TRUST will have you returning to team training in the SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE whilst being a 100% enjoyable process?

Well look no further than the PROVEN and SCIENCE-BACKED Matchfit Pre-Season Programme.

On this 10 week programme you'll train EVERY element of football specific fitness, meaning you can rest in the knowledge that you're leaving no stone unturned and building a bullet-proof body built to last.

This isn't about SMASHING your body to within an inch of its life in the hope that you will "shock" it into increased fitness levels, instead each element is carefully matched, blended and progressed over 70 days - with the result being that you feel mentally and physically superior with EVERY session you complete.

PLUS you'll no longer have to worry about comparing your off/pre-season training with that of your team mates. If they're not following the Matchfit Pre-Season programme, you can know for CERTAIN that you'll be running rings around them once you return to team training.

To achieve that, you’ll need an average of just 60 minutes, 5 days per week.

To complete this programme you'll need:

  • Access to a standard gym (exercises can be easily adapted depending on equipment available)

  • A ball and a set of 20 markers minimum

  • A pitch, park or field (sessions dimensions can be adapted to suit your facilities)

  • YOURSELF! This programme is designed to be followed completely by yourself and without help from a training partner, which means you're in complete control.

  • This programme is designed for players 16+ (can be adapted for players 12-15)

The quality of any players pre-season training programme will literally make or break their season (and many players don't realise that). It's also the ONLY time of the year where you can train one EXTREMELY important element.

Why try and figure all of this out and risk getting it wrong when you don't have to?

What’s Covered:

  • Stamina

  • Speed & Explosiveness

  • Agility, Mechanics & Footwork

  • Balance & Co-ordination

  • Mobility & Flexibility

  • Muscular Endurance

  • Lean Muscle Mass

  • Maximal Strength & Power

  • Body Composition

  • Injury Resilience

  • Speed Of Recovery

  • Testing

  • Ball work is included in pitch drills where appropriate to challenge skill and technique at speed. 

After you complete your purchase you'll instantly receive an email with a link to download the PDF programme so you can start training with us from anywhere in the world today!

For players aged 14+ 

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Abraham Bibas

Thank you Matchfit! I am on day 12 and already feel my body progressing at a good rate! The program is great as it allows me to stay on track as well as disciplined. I am looking forward to finishing it and getting the results expected which I am sure I will get.
Thank you,
Sincerely Abraham

Alaa Abed

Great Programm

Nikos Tsiros

I am in 14 dat and feel amazing

Besong Tidiane Danny Bleck
Pre Season

It’s so amazing after 2 weeks only I have seen massive result in my speed agility and endurance. Definitely worth a try

maikel stokkel

Pre-Season Programme

Ara Bedrossian

Excellent content very well designed

Aleksandar Maric

great and professional!!!

Gautam Rabha
The exercises and the program are really well set

Well my season is going on so can't say yet..After season I'm gonna go for it

Noel Clawson
Pre Season

Looks great 👍

Stefania Maria Giansoldati

Pre-Season Programme