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Do You Have The Eating Habits Of A Professional Player?

Do You Have The Eating Habits Of A Professional Player?

This video outlines some of the nutritional habits of footballers from Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. There's no doubt that what you eat has a massive effect on how well you can perform, with nutrition having huge impacts on your energy levels, ability to sustain high intensity performance and then recover in time to do it all again.

It's also important to remember that whilst some foods are recommended and will aid performance, how you feel is also vitally important. Every player is different, some may feel that porridge before training works for them, whilst others may feel that something like porridge will bloat them which will obviously hinder performance.

Similarly some players function best by having something light such as a salad before a match, whilst others need to feel full so that mentally they believe they have consumed enough fuel to last a full match.

What I want to know is (comment below):

1. What are you favourite foods to consume before a match and why?

2. Does your pre-match nutrition differ from your pre-training nutrition?

3. What do you eat post-match? (If you don't eat post match explain why?)

4. Do you feel any different in a match or training if you eat poorly before?


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