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Interview: Jorn Brondeel

Interview: Jorn Brondeel

Willem II goalkeeper Jorn Brondeel gives us an insight into his daily training habits below. Jorn was born in Belgium and started playing in the top professional league in the Netherlands in 2017 for Fc Twente after transferring from Belgian side Lierse.

How many times per week do you train by yourself without the team and what do you focus on?

I try to do my mobility exercises everyday before the team training. After training I switch between core exercises and jumping excersices which are more specific for goalkeepers. And I finish with some stretching. With mobility I focus on my tight hips and with the core I focus the most on the abs and all of the muscles around my hips.

What extra training do you think has given you the biggest improvement in performance?

Plyometrics for sure! They give me the feeling that I can jump more explosively and that im very quick.

Describe a typical day in your life (In season)

9:00 Breakfast

9:25 Treatment, especially back, hip and shoulders

9:45 Start foam rolling in the gym, and mobility exercises. Making sure I'm warm before I go outside with the team.

10:30 Team training

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Team training or when we don't have a 2nd session I do a session for myself in the gym. That usually means core training or jumping. Finishing with some stretching.

What is your favourite pre-match meal?

Some pasta with a little bit chicken and some vegetables. Not a big meal because I prefer to play with the feeling that my stomach is almost empty.

What do you usually eat or drink at half time?

Most of the time just water, sometimes a little bit of sports drink.

What’s your favourite post match meal?

A healthy salad with some pasta or just pancakes.

Do you take any nutritional supplements and how do they benefit you? (whey protein, glutamine etc.)

I only take magnesium in the mornings. During heavy weeks of training I feel good with it. I dont like to rely too much on supplements like protein shakes etc.

What methods do you use to help your body recover more quickly? (Massage, ice bath etc.)

I have an electric foam roller, and also compex electro stimulation which helps me alot. Sometimes after heavy sessions I take an ice bath followed by a warm water bath.

If you could offer one piece of advice to a young footballer who wants to become a pro, what would it be?

Train everyday to get 1% better than before and only focus on your own progress, nobody elses.

What is the best piece of advice a coach/role model has ever given you?

Try to do the things that you have to do to the best of your ability. Dont just do them, but do them well. And always work to get better.

When stepping up to first team level, what did you feel was the biggest difference between youth and senior football?

The physical aspect for sure, but also mental. Things are alot more serious at first team level and there are also an array of different characters amongst the players.

We'd like to thank Jorn for taking the time to answer our questions and wish him all the best throughout his career. You follow Jorn on instagram @brondeel26 and check him out in action below.

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