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Will You Be The Next Matchfit Club?💥

Will You Be The Next Matchfit Club?💥

As of this year we are going to be partnering with a few select clubs to ensure that every player in the squad is receving the fitness, nutrition and pyschology support they need in order to fulfill their potential.

Imagine if EVERY single player in your team raised their performance level by 20% and your team was able to cut their injury rate in half!

I think we can agree that not only would that push you to raise your game, but you'd also win alot more games and silverware too!

As part of this club package we'll be giving every player:

✅ A 365 day fitness, nutrition and mindset self-training programme to follow away from the team (can be followed during the season and the off-season, and even if lockdowns strike again...)

✅ 1-1 fitness, nutrition, psychology and injury support from our expert coaches

✅ A copy of our book 'The Football Fitness Bible'

✅ Nike Matchfit Training Kit

Would you like this to be your club?

If so pass this onto your coach and ask them to send us an email with the subject line "CLUB".

Don't forget to share this video with your club coaches and chairman.

We'll be running an exclusive deal for the first 2 clubs.


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