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4 Week Football Fitness Lockdown Programme Now LIVE!

4 Week Football Fitness Lockdown Programme Now LIVE!

Our brand new 4 week lockdown programme is now live inside the Matchfit Squad video library.

It covers football specific strength, stamina, speed and mobility sessions which can all be done at home, and it's all structured into a 4 week programme to remove all of the stress for you of trying to figure out what to do!

As you probably know, I stand firmly behind the fact that results are always from a programme, NOT a workout.

Steer clear of people trying to get you to do one-off random workouts, they'll just keep you going around in circles as you hop from one workout to the next without any sort of pre-determined plan or structure.

This lockdown programme is FREE for you to access for the first 7 days and it's included in the Matchfit Squad membership, so you get 1-1 support from all of us whilst following this and beyond if you want to remain part of the Matchfit Squad after your 7 day free trial ends.

Get access to the programme and all the details of what's included HERE.

P.S once signed up you can follow this on our app too!

When you join the Matchfit Squad, you get:

✅ THIS brand new football specific strength, speed, stamina & injury prevention lockdown programme

✅ 1-1 Coaching & Support (S&C, Nutrition, Psychology, Injury) in 4 private facebook groups

✅ Weekly accountability check-ins

✅ Our Video Library containing over 100 premium coaching videos and podcasts

Suitable for players 16+ aiming to become professional or already at a professional club.

Get FREE access and all programme details HERE

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